Heart Transplants Ethics – Transplantation&Donation Example

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"Heart Transplants Ethics" is a perfect example of a paper on transplantation and donation. Animal organs may be used for heart transplants in humans where the process is referred to as xenotransplantation. The process involves alteration of genes and has its own benefits in the way the process allows mass production of donor organs thus eliminating the demands for human organ needs (Xenotransplantation: Can an animal organ save  your  life? n.d. ). However there are certain ethical issues regarding this practice that is the primary concern of this study. Heart Transplants and Animal Donors: Ethical Issues: Ethical concerns arise from the acceptability of animal organs and their suitability in the human body.

Health concerns are also major concerns in this regard. There are possibilities that infections may pass from the animal organs into the bodies of humans (Animal-To-Human Transplants the ethics of xenotransplantation, 1996, p. 8). Moreover, there are objections from the animal-rights activists who oppose the use of animal organs in the human heart and other organ transplants (Tanne, n.d. ). The ethical issues largely arise from the relationships of humans with animals as well considering the health concerns.

Thus it can be opined that in order to transplant a human heart, the best possible ways need to be determined to obtain human heart donors. Individuals need to voluntarily allow their organs after their deaths that may be used for the purpose. Animal donors may be used only in severe cases of emergency. Conclusion: Considering the benefits as well as the concerns the animal organs need to be used only for human organ transplants in cases of extreme emergencies, otherwise, it should be expected of the human beings to take the roles instead of affecting the animal donors.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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