Health and Well-Being – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Health and Well-Being"  is an excellent example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. Health and general well-being have become vital issues in the current environment of the rising cost of living. I tend to gain weight very fast so this semester, my major focus would be on my diet based on eating healthy food to keep fit and mentally alert. Today, most of the prevalent diseases are due to the popularity of various fast foods and the growing sedentary lifestyle of the masses. Some of the major lifestyle diseases that are increasingly affecting all ages are obesity, heart problems, diabetes, blood pressure, and some form of cancers.

A healthy diet consisting of nutritious food is an essential healthy life. A good and balanced food considerably reduces the risk of diseases, especially the lifestyle diseases of the present time.           Hence, to keep fit and healthy, I would try to follow a strategic plan of my daily activities and diet schedule. I would follow a holistic approach to healthy living and would try to incorporate Yoga and physical activities to digest heavy carbohydrates and maintain good metabolism.

The sedentary habits of sitting in front of television and computer would be reduced to the basic minimum. During school time, I would ensure that I walk down to the school and use stairs rather than escalators or lifts. It would help me to eliminate any new exercise for extra physical activities.         Yoga is an eastern way of keeping fit. It focuses on physical exercise broadly based on the pattern of breathing. It promotes health through a wide range of postures that strengthens and tones up body muscles and de-stresses body and mind.

I would, therefore, do yoga exercises in the early morning so that I am physically, mentally and spiritually alert to face the challenges of the day.         My diet would primarily consist of fruit juice in the morning followed by seasonal fruit and glass of milk in the breakfast. The lunch would be 2-3 slices of bread with lots of salads and a cup of lentils. The dinner would soup, the main course consisting of chicken or lamb. I would take one small portion of any sweet dish that has no cheese and butter.

Once a week, I would also go for fast food lunch or dinner so that I am mentally not frustrated at missing something that I like. This is to strengthen my will to maintain my current diet.         I have planned my diet in such a way that it is both convenient and nutritious. The yoga exercises really help me to keep alert all day and keep fit so I can work hard without feeling any strain. I also believe that the inclusion of a fast-food diet really helps me to maintain my diet schedule.

One of a friend who cannot resist burgers and cokes has developed a lot of problems like obesity and finds it difficult to work long hours. The exercises and flexible diet have contributed to my increased stamina and I can work longer hours and be more creative in my work.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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