Men's Health Habits – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Men's Health Habits"  is a perfect example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. Good health is a personal requirement for all human beings. Everyone desire to be healthy and to be free from diseases. The health behaviors of a person are crucial in dictating their healthy states. The lifestyle that a live person adopts will also determine their health status now or in the future. This paper will analyze my personal behaviors and lifestyle and will also identify various possible adjustments that can be made to make my health better. Being a teenager, I am sexually active and I have sex several.

Due to the condition that my love life is not stable, I may date different girls and hence there are high chances that I will have sex will different girls. Sex with many partners increases the probability of contracting STI’ s and HIV/AIDS. Sex before marriage can lead to getting unplanned babies that may have consequences such as a stressing life. To avoid such a desperate condition, using a condom during any sexual intercourse is required. It will minimize the risks of contracting diseases and leading unplanned lifestyles. I like taking a lot of junk food since it is easy to prepare and readily available.

The costs of junk food are also considerably low compared to the cost of healthy food. However, taking too much junk food is an unhealthy behavior since the diet is not balanced. it also leads to conditions such as obesity that have adverse effects. Reducing the intake of junk food is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At my age, one experiences a lot of internal desire to be an adult and or be treated like one.

Such pressures lead me to take alcohol and even smoking ones in a while. These behaviors may not have instant effects but in the long run, they lead to addiction. At an addictive level, smoking and taking alcohol will expose me to the risk of having chronic diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer. To avoid such future conditions, it is important to avoid being carried away by the pressure to start smoking or taking alcohol. I am very reluctant to exercising my body.

I spend the most time on the couch watching movies or playing games on my play station. Play stations are very addictive, and they make children and teenagers very lazy in field exercises. I do not go to the gym, and hence I end up accumulating fats on my body. This behavior is dangerous to my health and can lead to heart diseases in the future if prolonged. Doing exercises is important in maintaining a healthy body, little exercise such as jogging around the field or even walking for long distances help reduce the fats of the body.

Exercise will not only ensure that I have a healthy body but also an attractive body. I have a weakness in stress management, and more often I find myself doing risky things when I am under stress. However, I have learned that sharing out my problems with others reduces mental pressures, and I am able to handle my problems well. Talking to people or even a psychologist is good behavior, and it maintains the healthy state of the body and the mind. In conclusion, personal behaviors influence the lifestyle and health of a person.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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