Report on the Health Behavior Change – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Report on the Health Behavior Change" is a brilliant example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. In my quest to enhance the quality of my life by keeping fit, I resolved certain dos and don’ ts. I had resolved to exercise regularly as well as eating healthy foods of the right quantity. In my ambitious plan of losing 100 pounds in 100 days, I was to start by ensuring that I walk 4 kilometers every day, go to the gym five times a week, and exercise by lifting weights and performing pushups.

I also planned to take walks that would last for about an hour while workouts in the gym were to last for two hours. That means that I would have three hours of exercise in a day and 15 hours of exercise in five days. I planned to start measuring out what I consume to ensure that I serve the recommended amount of food. As I report today, I have managed to cut some 80 pounds of weight, an average score I attribute to various things that I have not been able to follow.

I exercise regularly, eat healthily, and indeed carry weights, which have helped me quite a lot to shed off the pounds. However, I have not been keen on honoring the contract to the letter. I rarely take the four-kilometer walks every day, do pushups in the morning, while in the evening, I comfort myself that I have been exercising the whole day, walking, using the stairs- which I only use when am mostly going down the building. I even say to myself that thinking is a form of work and since my job entails a lot of thinking, at the end of the day I always have done a lot of exercises.

So, in the evening, in addition to missing an exercise, I sometimes end up not doing the pushups. I had planned to spend three hours in the gym every day, but mostly I find myself even extending to three and a half with very long breaks. I extend these breaks so that time can pass and at the end of the session, I will have carried weights lesser times and I will not be worn out too much.

I promise myself that in case I miss exercise in every day, I would compensate it the following day, which I end up breaking. Mostly I tell myself that I have a busy schedule, am a busy man and that exercise can wait. In a week, I do an estimated ten active hours in the gym. I was to walk for four kilometers, which I rarely do. I end up taking a lazy walk to keep the time going, at times even taking a shorter route than I had planned.

Most of the time I walk to my office, although during others, I imagine that a client might be waiting for me at my desk, and walking into the office sweating and panting would look quite unprofessional, so I take a bus. I even justify my taking off my car to the time factor, that I might get late for the office. The temptation of junk food is overwhelming and mostly is forced to take a cookie now and then.

My plan of taking just one does not work out since I find myself eating to my satisfaction. I then tell myself that I will skip a meal to compensate for the snack, of which it is very hard for me. I eat when it is mealtime, and got bored with measuring the amount of food I have to take. I take estimation, knowing that I always eat more than the right amount. I do not eat when am hungry only, for every mealtime I have to eat something at least light to mark mealtime.

However, I take fish, I have managed to limit the intake of added oil, butter, and mayonnaise, and I eat vegetables every time I am having a meal and take an orange and an apple every day and a banana at times. I love eggs and chicken, while fish is my favorite, and so I mostly eat them. With a timetable of what I take every day. I interchange fish with chicken and take eggs four days a week. Once a week I take beef to gain some proteins, but I have not made it to avoid the intake of processed foods since I at times buy meals that are fast to prepare to save time. I am still working to reduce the pounds since of late, I feel healthier, and I am more confident with myself than before.

I rarely get sick will be minimal. I will keep fit and my most desired shape is beginning to develop.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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