Stress and Health Management – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Stress and Health Management"  is an engrossing example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. The above website is run by a non-commercial organization with no interests in commercial deals or advertisements. The website is a dedicated research and informative tool for helping professional health care workers and ordinary people to manage. Its information is cited from clinical and hospital reports authenticating the source of the information Health and Safety (Helpguide, 2014). Evaluation of online information involves the background check on sources used as citations. In reference to commercial purposes, reliable online information cannot be sufficiently authenticated with regards to commercial websites.

In this case, the above website is government-owned. Its references refer to government-sponsored research which substantiates the information available within the site (Executives, 2014). The above website provides information on stress management based on theoretical, conceptual, and practical approaches. Being an academic site, the above website provides stress management bases on research and findings from educational research projects. Reviewing the information before being posted on the website is done by approval from education boards. In addition, the website is regularly updated authenticating the reliability of the information presented in the site.

In the choice of other website links, the website is built on a threaded structure, meaning that links of departments make up the links in this website (Harvard Medical, 2014). Relationship between Stress and Health With regard to the relationship between stress and health, Felina can learn various stress management approaches. These stress management methods are indented to link health and stress. Stress management is a medical intervention aimed at reducing or increasing coping and tolerance. The inability to cope is the psychological side effects of stress.

This means that stress has the potential to escalate the situation to a health hazard or medical condition. From a working perspective, employees are faced with various stressors that have a direct or indirect impact on their performances. The information contained in the selected websites will help Felina in designing and structuring a routine on how to manage her stress levels at work. Coping Strategies From these websites, various coping strategies associated with stress management are explored in detail. For instance, some coping strategies from the websites include the identification of risk factors, the possibility of harming a specific individual, evaluation of the risks, recording of finding, monitoring, and reviewing the stressors.

In addition, some coping strategies include avoiding, altering, and adapting stressors as cognitive strategies. Accepting the unavoidable is a strategic coping approach that Felina can benefit from with respect to the extent of her coping competencies. List and Describe the Major Health Benefits of Effective Stress Management Better Time Management: Time management is a resource that is used by corporations and companies from all over the world to manage company output as well as profit maximization.

These companies employ the labor force required to deliver on objectives and accomplish goals. Hence fore, effective stress management helps employees to manage time well with respect to the time they would waste pondering on their stress More Physical and Mental Output: Stress is responsible for lagging performance in physical activities as well as in cognitive output. Effective management of stress improves concentration at work, observation of details, and motivation to work. Performance at work improves company output, individual competences, and teamwork participation. Mitigation of Risks to Self and others: Stressed individuals are at a higher risk of running into trouble which may result in injuries, accidents, or suicide.

The effectiveness of stress management can be evaluated with respect to the program’ s ability to mitigate risks.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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