Work-Related Stress and Burnout – Wellness&Lifestyle Example

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"Work-Related Stress and Burnout" is a perfect example of a paper on wellness and lifestyle. Stress is a normal concept in today’ s life and it is important for people to recognize stress symptoms in order to protect oneself. If stress is allowed to continue in people then it can result in many health problems. If there is a constant stress in people’ s lives then it can be due to burnout. Burnout can be due to problems in life, work or relationships. Demanding workload at office, financial stress in life, relationship problems, conflicts at the office or home all can result in burn out. Reality shock can be realized when he understands that his plans are going wrong and he is the wrong direction and in great trouble.

According to (Owens, 2007) “ Often, the biggest challenge new nurses face is the reality shock that hits once they enter full-time practice” . The best way to deal with reality shock is to use resources and mentor’ s advise. One time I was late to work due to illness and the Nurse in charge told me to have better life choices which humiliated me.

Best is to ignore it and move forward as with time and experience the bully will vanish. Caring and curing are about doing the profession with love and honesty. The reality is not as true as theories as many health care services are about money-making. The death of my cousin, conflict with my parents and workload at profession has been my personal and professional stressors respectively. The most stressful thing had been managing my finance sources and the best is to reduce my expense as much possible and this will reduce the stress related to it.

I would concentrate more on my work and will indulge more in entertainment and relaxation and think less about financial tension. I eat a lot of vegetables and fruit and I believe these food items being rich in sugar, vitamins and minerals can help me relieve stress. Also, the vegetables and fruits contain water which is an important element in avoiding stress. The relaxation technique which worked best for me was meditating. While meditating I found out that my stress vanished and mind was more focused and clear.

It brought about abundant energy to my mind and body. It was completely revitalizing and kept me energetic mentally and physically throughout the day. According to ( Moninger, 2005) “ Research suggests that daily meditation may alter the brain’ s neural pathways, making you more resilient to stress, ” says psychologist Robbie Maller Hartman, PhD, a Chicago health and wellness coach” .The qualities I would look in my first nursing position are cooperative staff, compatible salary and flexible working hours. These things can create stress because a staff who is not cooperative can create mental pressure If salary is less, the personal and professional will be in havoc.

The working hours exceed the limit then it can create physical and mental tension and exhaustion.


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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